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Never enough: US administration wants another $40bn for doomed proxy war on Russia as citizens suffer

Ukrainian troops use an anti-tank grenade launcher as they take part in a training exercise in Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine, May 14, 2022. (Reuters photo)

The administration of US President Joe Biden wants another $40 billion for its doomed proxy war on Russia as citizens suffer at home, according to an American political analyst and writer.

Daniel Patrick Welch made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Saturday after the Pentagon said on Friday that Congress must pass a pending $40 billion Ukraine aid package by Thursday to avoid interrupting US weapons shipments to the Kiev government in its war with Russia.

“May 19 is the day we really — without additional authorities — we begin to not have the ability to send new stuff in,” press secretary John Kirby told reporters. “It’ll start impacting our ability to provide aid uninterrupted.”

“US Empire officials are publicly panicking that their conveyor belt of weapons to their Ukrainian proxies might hit a glitch. This may interrupt the gravy train for the death merchants who prop up the US political economy. But it won't make a bit of difference in the collective west's war on Russia, which is already lost,” said Welch.

“The US and their partners in crime have been throwing all manner of rusty, ancient cold war relics at the war on Russia, in a transparently cynical move to simultaneously show the Ukrainian blue and gold, spend down their useless inventory, and whet the appetite of the warmongers to replenish their stockpiles for future ill-conceived adventures. Even if most of these are destroyed before they reach the battlefield or are ineffective once they get there, the deed is done. Small arms, of course, will find their way to the black market, feeding gangsterism in whatever is left of Ukraine and around the world for decades to come. See? Win-win!” he added.

“So Pentagon spokescrybaby John Kirby aka Kermit needs his 40 billion by the weekend! Otherwise, our Nazis will run out of weapons!! Oh no!” he noted.
“Turns out they're already running out of Nazis anyway, and their Kiev puppets are trying to throw untrained ‘Regular Ukrainians’ at the Eastern Front. Doesn't any of this sound familiar to these morons in the west's don-thinktanks? History is a tough master,” he said.

“Meanwhile, these locals are rioting all over Western Ukraine--or rather their families are--perhaps sick of being used as cannon fodder for Washington's proxy games,” he added.

“But of course, even here they mirror the ethno-fascist trope that gets passed around in the Kiev Kool-aid. Apparently, they are too precious to waste, as they represent ‘the core of the Ukrainian Nation’ or some such neo-Nazi bullshit,” he said.

“Meanwhile, back in the Belly of the Beast, struggling Americans ask that their ‘Senators, Congressmen, please heed the call’ [h/t Bob Dylan] of their distress,” Welch said.

“They won't, of course. Heed the call, that is. Medicare for All or student loan debt relief are far too expensive. And nowhere near as pressing as Biden's desire to stay being that Nazi thorn in Russia's side. Pathetic, really,” he observed.

“Their main hope at this point is just to let it slide off the front page and sink into a morass of Roe v Wade, midterms, and flag-waving. You know, like what happened with Syria. And Assad, the Hitler-de-hier. Who? Exactly. Thank God for the thorough evisceration of schooling in America, especially geography, history and critical thinking. We're number one!” he concluded. 

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