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UK Labour party leader ‘will quit’ if handed lockdown fine

Amina Taylor
Press TV, London

Opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer has been at the front of the chorus urging PM Boris Johnson to do the decent thing and step down after being fined for his part in the series of lockdown gatherings dubbed “partygate.”

Now, the Labour leader has become embroiled in a controversy of his own nicknamed "currygate" after being pictured enjoying a meal and a drink in what the party is calling a work event but one being dubbed an illegal gathering by his opponents.

The Labour party had desperately wanted to take the moral high ground when it came to their handling of Covid rules and regulations. Not just in the House of Commons but in the court of public opinion. But now with their leader caught in the spotlight due to his old missteps supporters of Boris Johnson are hoping to capitalize on this political mistakes and make Labour pay.

Whether or not the leader of the Labour party is fined, for many of the electorate, this is yet another let down; Politicians who seemingly are unwilling or unable to play by the rules.

The police investigation could take as long as a month to conclude. Now Labour, and its leader must play the waiting game and cross their political fingers that this high-stake gable has paid off. 

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