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China: US 'deserves its name as the biggest lie maker'

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian attends a news conference in Beijing, China April 8, 2020. (Photo by Reuters)

China says it has always been a victim of the US disinformation campaign, hitting back at Washington's allegations that Beijing has helped Russia  produce propaganda against Ukraine.

“The United States accused China of helping Russia spread false information, which itself is a typical form of false information,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a press conference on Thursday. 

His remarks came after an article published on the US Department of State website accused China of spreading Russia's propaganda and fake news about Ukraine.

“The United States fabricated such an article, which once again proves that the United States deserves its name as the biggest lie maker,” Zhao said.

“From the so-called ‘genocide’ to the Wuhan virus, from the hacker attacks to the overseas military bases, the United States has done too much to smear China.”

The Chinese official accused senior White House diplomats of spreading the so-called "prior-notification-of-China theory" and feeding the media to publish false information against Beijing.

He also said claims about Russia’s alleged weaponry requests from China have “all proven to be false.”

Zhao recommended that people read the article “Falsehoods Spread by the US on the Ukraine Issue: A Reality Check” published by the Xinhua news agency that presents some examples of the US disinformation campaign.

Depicting the US government as “the initiator and biggest driving force of the Ukrainian crisis”, Zhao said Washington “should face up to and reflect on its responsibilities for the Russia-Ukraine conflict.”

Relations between the US and China have strained in recent years, with the world's two largest economies clashing over a range of issues, including trade, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, military activities in the South China Sea, and the origins of the new coronavirus.

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