Puerto Rico’s suffering

Puerto Rico is a territory controlled by the United States without enjoying all the riches the government has access to.

Officially called the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Island has never been incorporated into the states since its annexation, effectively remaining a modern day colony. The citizens of Puerto Rico have no say in the US government and are not allowed to vote.

On the other hand, they are subject to US federal laws, which they have no role in determining. The nation has for long struggled with poverty, too. In 2019 over 43% of the Puerto Rico's 3.2 million people, and 57% of children lived in poverty.

And that was before the Covid-19 pandemic struck. In this episode we will look at the rarely reported conditions in Puerto Rico and how the nation is suffering from the policies of the United States and why it is under the US rule but not enjoying the rights that citizens of an American state are supposed to have. We will also investigate how natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes have impoverished the country further and what Washington has done to help.

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