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Navy cmdr.: No country dares approach Iran’s territorial waters

This file photo shows the Iranian Navy’s Kharg helicopter carrier.

Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani says the country’s naval fleet are roaming free waters of the world without any problem, adding that no foreign country would ever dare approach the Islamic Republic’s territorial waters.

The senior Iranian commander made the remarks in an interview with the Arabic-language al-Alam TV on Thursday as he was elaborating on the latest developments and defense achievements of the country in addition to Islamic Republic’s maritime capabilities.

“Nowadays, the northern Indian Ocean is a main waterway to connect the continents. If we do not have an effective presence, governments without a right will come [to the region] and approach our territorial waters. However, owing to the authority and presence of our fleet in high seas and constant monitoring, we do not have any problems and no country dares approach our country's waters,” Irani said.

“The geometry of power in the world is changing ... and various players are at work,” the top Iranian Navy commander said.

“Given our capabilities, we can have effective presence in all maritime environments of the world whenever the Commander-in-Chief  [of the Iranian Armed Forces] orders us to do so,” Admiran Irani said, referring to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

Stressing that the presence of other countries’ naval fleet in the region is not justified, Irani said, "We have extensive interests and resources in the sea [and] wherever we feel threatened, our fleet will be there."

"Today, we escort our ships anywhere across maritime locations to ensure [their] and we are faced with no restrictions. Our presence offers security to the region and the entire world," the top Iranian commander noted.

The commander censured some regional countries that are influenced by the anti-Iran propaganda of the West, saying Iran aims to increase its own defensive capabilities and is not a threat to any country.

Unfortunately, some countries that were fooled by the US media propaganda, introduced the term Iranophobia to the region, Irani told al-Alam TV.

“They were unaware of the fact that if Iran boosts its defense capabilities, it is aimed at protecting its own interests. Iran is never a threat to its neighbors, as Iranians have not invaded any place or done injustice to any society over the past centuries,” the Iranian commander added.

Iranian commanders have repeatedly warned against the presence of hostile, extra-regional navies in the region, asserting that neither the region nor the countries that host them would become more secure by their presence.

Iranian officials have already underscored that the Islamic Republic will not hesitate to build up its defense capabilities, emphasizing such abilities are entirely meant for the purpose of defense and will be never subject to negotiations.

Ayatollah Khamenei has repeatedly called for efforts to maintain and boost Iran’s defense capabilities, hitting back at the enemies for disputing the country’s missile program.

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