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British royalty, reputation beyond repair

British Monarchy, File Photo Composite

As was so often the case during Prince Philip's life, controversy also surrounds his death. After the memorial service for the late British royal, criticism was hurled at the Queen's apparent attempt to rehabilitate the soiled son, Prince Andrew, who has been forced to step back from public life over his association with the paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Additionally, Prince Harry also failed to make an appearance over a dispute with the home office amid security concerns. The Royals just can't seem to keep their name in positive headlines these days as seemingly endless scandals seem to tarnish their name time and again.

 However, many onlookers are growing increasingly more disturbed by the fact that their shameful conduct in life appears to be completely whitewashed over after their passing.

 Prince Philip is hailed by some as a role model of British values on the world stage. Others, however, saw him in a very different light.

Prince Philip was an old imperialist, bigot, be honest, and I think that his record speaks for itself he regularly indulged in routine racism, something which the mainstream media in this country often used to sort of dismiss as one of Prince Philip's gaffes.

Chris Williamson, Former Shadow Minister

Prince Philip to me is the narcissistic uncle that we all know is racist, that we all know is always gonna say something that is gonna be bad. But everybody keeps quiet.

Marvina Newton, Kill the Bill

In 1948 he asked a Kenyan woman who was presenting them with a gift, "you are a woman, aren't you?" And in 2002, he asked some indigenous woman if he was still had spears, and he's quite insensitive. It's racism clean and simple.

Chantelle Lunt, Black Lives Matter

And people say the queen looks sad, I’m sorry she is sad, I’m sorry she lost her husband. Her husband was a tyrant. In fact, he was a terrorist. I call him what he needs to be called. He was a vile racist that did not even appreciate the contribution of people that look like me.

Marvina Newton, Kill the Bill

With the royal reputation in such disrepair, how much longer can Britain sustain and endure this medieval institution?


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