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US-Russia tensions 

Tensions ratcheting up between the United States and Russia over Ukraine. Washington says Moscow has expelled several American diplomats from the US embassy, declaring them persona non grata. The State Department made the announcement, calling it another unproductive and unhelpful step in bilateral relations. Russian media, however, say the expulsions are in response to Washington expelling a dozen members of Russia's UN mission in New York last month. Simultaneously, President Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia's gas sales to what he called unfriendly countries would from now on be conducted in its local currency, rouble. The list includes the US, the UK, EU nations, alongside Japan and Canada. These are the countries that have sanctioned Russia over its operation in Ukraine. 

Russia-Ukraine conflict: Day 29 

Western governments are flooding Ukraine with more military and other types of support amid Russia’s military operation. Britain says it will provide an additional 6,000 missiles.  According to the office of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, London will also provide around 33 million dollars in funding to the Ukrainian military. That’s besides over five million dollars to support the BBC’s coverage in the region. Johnson will announce the measures at the summit of the NATO and the Group of Seven Thursday. The Prime Minister has already pledged to step up military and economic support for Ukraine. Germany is also sending two-thousand additional anti-tank weapons. It has already supplied two-thousand missiles and missile launchers.

North Korea missile test 

South Korea says its northern neighbor has fired an unknown projectile, which could be an intercontinental ballistic missile. Japan has also confirmed the launch. The purported ballistic missile has been fired toward the sea, off North Korea’s east coast. Seoul and Washington have been warning that North Korea could resume test-firing its largest intercontinental ballistic missiles at any moment. Less than two weeks ago, Pyongyang launched another suspected ballistic missile that reportedly failed right after launch. Officials in North Korea say the latest spate of missile tests is in response to the provocations and destabilizing moves by the US and its regional allies on the Korean Peninsula. 

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