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Britain aspires to regain influence and colonial rule in West Asia

Britain exerts destructive influence in West Asia. (image: Press TV Composite)

The UK has been an active participant in actions that have led to this senseless death and destruction in West Asia, especially where Iraq is concerned.

The UK also has colonial aspirations for the West Asia region, which may play out even more once the US presence becomes less visible

Britain seeks to restore its influence and colonial rule in West Asia by pursuing aggressive, and interventionist, policies in the region.

The first direct military involvement by the UK in the 21st century began with the invasion of Afghanistan following the 911 attacks.

High ranking UK officials beat the drums of war, the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was derided and ridiculed by being referred to as US President George W. Bush's poodle, played a key role in paving the way for UK militarism.

It has now emerged that British forces committed war crimes while stationed in Afghanistan.

Documents show senior military officers intentionally buried evidence that British troops were executing detainees in Afghanistan.

UK Special Forces officers killed unarmed Afghans who posed no threats.

In 2003, London followed Washington's lead in accusing Iraq, under Saddam Hussein, of possessing weapons of mass destruction.

So that was the UK's role, to provide cover for the Americans. And of course, the American, the UK sees America as a means of getting a sort of protection getting the big brother on their side which they, following off from the experiences in 1945, the British establishment have a terrific fear of being left on their own to face a major continental enemy.

Ian Williams, Journalist

The UK, alongside the US, invaded Iraq without a UN mandate; British forces were primarily stationed in southern Iraq.

British soldiers are known to have tortured hundreds of Iraqi detainees between 2003 and 2009, however, no action was taken to hold the British government accountable for the war crimes committed by its finest.

Following the invasion of Iraq an inquiry team was set up to investigate Britain's military intervention in the Arab nation.

The Chilcot Report concluded that the UK chose to invade Iraq before peaceful options had been exhausted adding that the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, exaggerated the threat posed by Saddam Hussein and also that Blair had ignored warnings of what would happen in Iraq after the invasion.

We have concluded that the UK chose to join the invasion of Iraq before the peaceful options for disarmament had been exhausted; military action at that time was not a last resort.

Sir John Chilcot, Head of Iraq Inquiry

London is a staunch supporter of Saudi Arabia, UK made weapons are used by the Saudi regime against the Yemeni people.

The UK is one of Saudi Arabia's leading arms suppliers, along with the US. It is also a major supplier of arms to the United Arab Emirates, another country in the coalition that is bombing Yemen.

The UK has continued to support airstrikes by Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners, providing arms and ongoing maintenance and support in spite of overwhelming evidence of immediate breaches of international humanitarian law by the coalition.

Britain's colonial interest is historical. I don't believe that anyone is trying to get Lawrence of Arabia back into the penninsula anymore. I don't think the British even even the most purblind British don't think we can recreate the Empire.

Ian Williams, Journalist

The UK made equipment used in the war includes Typhoon and Tornado aircraft, Paveway bombs and Brimstone and Storm Shadow missiles.

UK army licenses for export to the Saudi led coalition since the bombing began in 2015 in March amounts to 8.4 billion pounds.

However, estimates showed the real value of arms to Saudi Arabia is over 20 billion pounds or the value of sales to the coalition as a whole is over 22 billion pounds.

Such hideous weaponry and we are actually inviting oppressive regimes and dictatorships to come and buy this weaponry, knowing that it will be used against the people of Palestine, knowing it's going to be dropped on the heads of the people in Yemen, this is appalling.

Arms Fair Demonstrator

It is now believed that, given the US withdrawal from the West Asia region, or its minimal presence there, the UK is maneuvering itself into position to replace the US while pursuing the restoration of its colonial influence and role in the West Asia region.


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