The revolution that shook the world

On the 11th of February 1979, ten days after the return of Imam Khomeini from 15 years in exile, the Islamic revolution overthrew the Shah.

The US president and politicians who supported the ruthless dictator, that governed the country with an iron fist, were shocked.

The Shah was effectively policing the region on behalf of the US, safeguarding American interests. Now the American government had to deal with a very different reality. An independent country, with proud people who want to decide for themselves, people following their leader and supporting oppressed nations around the world.

And America did what it always does, use whatever tool at its disposal to try and stop the revolution.

This week we will talk about the Islamic revolution in Iran. How did it effect the world and the United States. Why did the US support the former Shah of Iran? What interests did the United States lose after the revolution? Why did the US, that claims to support democracy, back a ruthless dictator like the former shah of Iran?

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