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Macron: UK immigration policy hypocritical

Saeed Pourreza
Press TV, London 

French president Emanuel Macron has called Britain's immigration policy 'hypocritical' and blamed London for the deaths of migrants trying to get to the UK from France. The UK government has rebuffed that comment and said it's doing all it can to ensure a safe passage. But campaigners say they beg to differ.

In overcrowded dinghies and often in the cover of darkness, migrants, among them running away from war and instability, take to the choppy waters separating France from the UK.

Some make it, others die trying: 27 of them in November last year alone. An incident that further strained the fragile ties between Paris and London.

French president Emmanuel Macron says Britain's reliance on illegal immigrant labor is behind the surge in numbers crossing from France and in their deaths.

Britain says the French president is absolutely wrong. That the government here is searching for ways to stop the crossings.

To do that Britain wants France to let British police patrol French beaches, it has ruled out physically pushing boats back across the English channel, it wants to give people traffickers life sentences, and has introduced a controversial new bill that will allow it to send migrants to detention centers in other countries. To campaigners it's draconian and racist.

More than 28,300 migrants crossed the English Channel in 2021, triple the number the year before.

And while the UK and French leaders trade accusations, more boats packed with desperate migrants will continue to embark on the perilous journey across the English channel, and that will almost certainly mean more deaths.


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