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US-Russia tensions

Russia says the US decision to deploy more troops near its borders will fuel tensions in Europe after Washington decided to send 3,000 extra troops to Poland and Romania. 

Britain's surging inflation

The Bank of England increases its forecast for peak inflation yet again, admitting price rises are likely to reach over 7% in April. The Central Bank says that inflation would likely hit 6% this month before peaking at 7.25 percent. The forecast in December estimated a peak of 6% by spring. The bank’s Monetary Policy Committee says the raised prediction mainly reflects global energy and goods prices. Higher global gas prices have forced the government to announce a big hike in the energy price cap, which will come into force in April. Meanwhile, the Bank of England has raised interest rates for the second time in three months as it tries to curb a rapid rise in the cost of living.

Israeli minister visit blasted 

The Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, and the Islamic Jihad movement condemn Bahrain’s reception of Israel’s minister of military affairs in his unannounced visit to the Arab country. Hamas denounced the landing of an Israeli military aircraft carrying Benny Gantz and a number of Israeli commanders in Manama. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement stressed its opposition to all forms of normalization of relations with Israel. Other Palestinian resistance groups have also denounced the trip, saying it shows the moral degradation of Bahraini officials. Bahrain normalized its relations with Israel two years ago under a US-brokered deal. Palestinians have repeatedly slammed normalization deals between some Arab states and the regime as a stab in the back, saying such relations only serve the Zionists’ interests in the region.

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