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‘Catastrophe on every level’: Trump loyalist Haley wants Biden to resign

Nikki Haley is the latest Republican figure to take a swipe at the Joe Biden administration’s foreign policy failings, asking the Democratic president to resign. (File Photo)

The chasm between the Democrats and Republicans in the United States appears to be growing at a dizzying pace with the two rival camps at odds over the country’s foreign policy.

Former US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, is the latest Republican figure to take a swipe at the Joe Biden administration’s foreign policy mishaps, asking the Democratic president to resign.

Speaking on the "The Guy Benson Show” podcast on Thursday, the former governor of South Carolina asserted that “if Biden loved our country,” he would stand down from his post, “taking” vice president Kamala Harris with him.

“Honestly, for the good of our country, if Biden loved our country, he would step down and take Kamala with him. Because the foreign policy situation is beyond dangerous at this point,” Haley said, slamming the Biden administration’s handling of Ukraine crisis.

“You know, when you don’t have a strong America, you don’t have a safe world. And that’s what’s getting ready to happen. My only hope and prayer is that they get it together and realize that this isn’t about America. This isn’t about NATO. This is about all of us. This is about safety. This is about strength. This is about freedom winning,” she hastened to add.

Her remarks come amid heightened tensions between the US, Russia and NATO over Ukraine.

Russia’s military buildup at the border with the former Soviet nation has prompted the US and NATO to accuse Moscow of plans to invade Ukraine.

Russia has vehemently denied the speculation, while urging NATO to cease its expansion eastward to ex-Soviet countries, including Ukraine.

Biden has threatened to impose devastating sanctions should Russia invade Ukraine. He has also warned to slap sanctions on Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Asked to clarify her remarks, the Trump loyalist pointed out Biden's foreign policy failings.

“Look at the situation. We are in a dangerous situation. He destroyed Afghanistan. He’s put us in a situation with Russia. He has no plan for Taiwan, and you’re sending our athletes over to Beijing for the Olympics, and you’ve said nothing about how you’re going to protect them when they’re over there,” Halley said, venting out at the incumbent US president.

“They’ve literally been threatened and told that if they say anything against the government they will be punished. Where’s the protection for Americans? Literally, he has failed on every level,” she added.

Biden has declared a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics but has allowed the American athletes to take part in the marquee event, much to the chagrin of Republicans like Haley.  

She also highlighted issues at the domestic front to call for Biden's resignation.

"And then you look domestically. You look at the fact that crime is hitting our streets. You look at the fact that we’ve got an entire COVID generation that we’re going to be lucky if they graduate from high school at this point if we keep these schools closed and keep taking on these teachers’ unions. You’ve got a border where you allow 200,000 illegal immigrants to cross last month alone," Haley added.

The Republican politician, who served as the UN ambassador during the Trump administration, said Biden’s one year in office has been a “catastrophe on every level.”

Haley’s angry outburst at Biden and Harris has generated tremendous enthusiasm in the American media. CNN editor-at-large said the Republican was setting the stage for her presidency bid.

“What's going on here is simple: Haley wants to run for president -- if not in 2024, then at some point in the not-too-distant future,” he said in an article.

Writing in Business Insider, Jake Lahut said during his term in office, Trump spoke “fondly about the Russian, Chinese, and North Korean leaders Haley mentioned, part of a broader pattern experts have described as enabling and emboldening strongmen and dictators who want to hold on to their power for life — or be "president for life," in Trump's words.”

Some took a dig at Haley, saying she was “unintentionally endorsing” Speaker Nancy Pelosi to become the US president, by calling for Biden-Harris’s resignation.

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