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Protesters gather in London to condemn Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

Bianca Rahimi
Press TV, London

Protesters outside the Israeli embassy have called for a boycott of Israel and those who support it, the legitimization of the Zionist regime by Britain, which gave birth to it, and an end to apartheid.

Israel is finding it more and more difficult to prevent the world from knowing what is going on in the occupied territories. No amount of algorithms can stifle the calls for justice; that are getting louder around the world.

For decades Israel has been chipping away at Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem –now it’s set its sights on Sheikh Jarrah. In May 2021 this neighbourhood became an international focal point with residents resisting expulsion using digital activism. The diaspora was galvanised -- 180,000 people took to London’s streets and the land grab was postponed as a result. Londoners say the videoing of atrocities is working, but the Israeli lobby is strong.

Racism is a hot topic in the Western world, with people rising up against all forms of discrimination and inequality, and for many, Israel is synonymous with racism.

Demolitions have begun, some in the dead of night. Stun grenades were used – the power cut and dozens arrested. The ethnic cleansing continues as does the fight to end the last apartheid on earth.

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