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IHRC holds genocide memorial day

Bianca Rahimi
Press TV, London

Genocide, the deliberate destruction of an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group. There have been many, with death tolls in the millions, and the threat of another is always around the corner. Organisations like the IHRC are fighting to prevent that, by raising awareness. The theme of this year’s event: How do states sanitize genocide?

Denial and deception are the tools used by perpetrators of genocide. There are hundreds of memorials in London, commemorating controversial figures like Churchill and even fictional characters like Sherlock Holmes. But you would be hard pressed to find a statue commemorating the Great Irish Famine, a genocide orchestrated by the British that killed 1 million people.

The British government conveniently omits England’s role in bringing about genocides like the so-called “potato famine” from school books, like many other regimes that weave history in a way that justifies crimes against humanity.

Genocide Memorial Day is held on the anniversary of Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009, which killed hundreds of Palestinians. Again in 2021, thousands of Palestinians were killed at the hands of the Israeli regime, which legitimizes its actions by evoking the Holocaust. The vicious cycle continues and therefore, so must the fight against dehumanization and ethnic cleansing.

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