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Analyst: Arrogant American Empire playing with fire in Eastern Europe

US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin meet during the U.S.-Russia summit at Villa La Grange on June 16, 2021 in Geneva, Switzerland. (Photo by Getty Images)

American writer and political commentator Daniel Patrick Welch wonders at “the audacity” of American officials such as Secretary of State Antony Blinken and US ambassador in Europe Michael Carpenter who say Russia is sounding the war drums in Eastern Europe.

“Guess what? They (Russians) have troops in their country! There are 100,000 troops near the border! Yeah, that's where the enemy is. And they’re still on their soil. NATO’s troops are not on its soil, unless its soil is everywhere and anywhere it chooses to be,” Welch said in an exclusive interview with the Press TV website on Friday.

The analyst further said that the US State Department is completely subservient to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which is headquartered in Langley, Virginia.

“The Langley Boys are in charge and the CIA is running the whole show in Washington. The State Department is completely subservient to whatever whim the Langley Boys come up with, and they are determined to drag us into World War III. They want to soften up the American people to accept war with Russia and China or both,” he stated.

The ambassador of the United States in Europe on Thursday issued a warning of war in Eastern Europe amid American accusations of Russia’s military buildup on Ukraine’s border.

“We're facing a crisis in European security. The drumbeat of war is sounding loud, and the rhetoric has gotten rather shrill,” said Carpenter, the US ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

The US envoy made the remarks in an interview with reporters in Vienna following a meeting of the OSCE between the officials from the US, Europe and Russia, and after the conclusion of an unusual session of three diplomatic meetings on the continent this week. The negotiations ended on Thursday with no major breakthroughs.

“There's close to 100,000 troops on the Russian side of its border with Ukraine. Their presence and the live fire measures being carried out are raising many questions about Moscow's intention,” Carpenter said.

‘US has a one-party system’

“I hope that people reading or listening to me not as tired of hearing it as I am of saying it. But it has to be said over and over, because we are facing an enormous propaganda matrix,” Welch said.

“And we just need to keep repeating the truth in order to get it out. The other reason is that Americans are still under the collective delusion that when a face changes in the White House that this signals some sort of profound change. Now that's obviously not the case but these people are looking for tiny differences that they can use to be comfortable in the belief that they lived in this some sort of a democratic system,” he added.  

“In fact, the same person in different guises has been president since Ronald Reagan. You know this is one of the great things that Chinua Achebe—no, it was Julius Nyerere, who said that Americans denounce countries for having a one-party system. ‘Well, the US has a one-party system. It's just that with typical American extravagance they happen to have two of them,’” he said.

“And nowhere is this more obvious and blatantly evident as with the foreign policy sphere. This regime, or cabal--whatever the pejorative terms the US uses should be reflected back on itself--the Washington Junta has been the same and following the same script basically since the end of World War II really. Certainly since Reagan. And it wasn't even about communism, it was world domination: Someone else wants to cut in on their action and that is our job, as George Carlin famously said: ‘Not the Nazis and not the Soviets. No one but us,’” he noted.

Smug, arrogant and tone deaf: US officials win the trifecta

“And so of course the current US mouthpiece is sounding off again on the same propaganda trajectory. I don't know what his name is—I think it’s Michael Carpenter. It doesn’t really matter. It’s just another Member in Good Standing of the Bullshit Chorus. And they are still spouting what is essentially Hitler’s Drang Nach Osten, this push to the east: the idea that they want to subjugate, divide and conquer Eurasia's peoples, polities, and economies,” Welch said.

“And there is that background to every little thing. Ukraine? Sure. Ukraine since 2014 has joined or has been joined by (it’s hard to keep track) Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Xianjang, and now Kazakhstan? They are just another bead on the chain of American search for Eternal Global Dominance and the pursuit of never-ending War to achieve that aim. They will always find a local grievance: people being angry about this tax hike or that fuel hike. There are hundreds of grievances, and many of them are legitimate. Certainly, claims against the oligarchs in Kazakhstan have some legitimacy,” he stated.

“But the real point is that the US could not care less—they don’t give two shits about the people or their needs any more than they do at home, where they can't provide masks and tests two years into a pandemic that they just prefer to blame on the previous administration. Instead of providing for the needs of the people. So that's no different than in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, anywhere where they stick their nose,” he noted.

US can't help poking the bear and the panda

“And in Ukraine of course they cozied up to a coalition of oligarchs and literal Nazis to push the Russians to the East, to put pressure on the Russians and move NATO eastward. And the audacity--or stupidity, it's really hard to know--of someone like Blinken or Carpenter or any of these fools to say Russia is sounding the war drums. Guess what? They have troops in their country! There are 100,000 troops near the border! Yeah that's where the enemy is. And they’re still on their soil. NATO’s troops are not on its soil, unless its soil is everywhere and anywhere it chooses to be,” Welch said.

“And that is the essence of the problem. There's nothing clearer and there's nothing more concise than the demand that NATO does not invite Ukraine to join it. And then Kazakhstan? Then what? They want to have NATO troops on the borders of Russia and China for the sole purpose of containing them. The warnings come from everywhere that this is a really stupid idea. And now the Langley Boys are in charge and the CIA is running the whole show in Washington. The State Department is completely subservient to whatever whim the Langley Boys come up with, and they are determined to drag us into World War III. They want to soften up the American people to accept war with Russia and China or both and you know you get warnings from something as silly a popular culture reference as The Princess Bride. Vizzini tells Westley: ‘You fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous of which is ‘never get involved in a land war in Asia,’ but only slightly less well-known…’” he added.

Sociopaths accuse their victims of the things exactly they do  

“But this is absolutely essential to the very security and sanity and sovereignty of both Russia and China and they have made this completely clear: they can't--it's not even that they won't…they can't put up with any more American crap on their borders.  You know, messing with their economies messing with their…elections?” he asked.  

“Are you serious? The Americans are still talking but foreign interference in their elections! This is laughable. I mean if it wasn't so scary and dangerous. These are ridiculous accusations that sociopaths typically use against their victims. You accuse them, in the Big Lie, of exactly the things of which you yourself are guilty. And you get away with it especially if you are a country is populated by dumbed-down children,” the analyst said.

“One of the problems is that the American people are too stupid or brainwashed to see our own country as tyrannical, or imperialist, or anti-democratic, or a threat to the world, which everyone else seems to agree is the case,” he said.   

“You don't have a victimless crime with American popular ignorance. It is not without consequence, and it's not for nothing that Democrats are in lockstep with Republicans with not a single peek of daylight between them on issues of war and peace. Or on imperialism, and the exceptional nature of the American so-called Democratic experiment,” he added.

“Their current chapter in this ongoing script is to say ‘China bad, Russia bad.’ Everything, everything they do.  China has spun straw into gold, the new Asian Rumpelstiltskin! And then they’ll say, ‘But at what cost?’ There is always, always some need to dump on whatever China is doing. China and Russia are not stupid and they are increasingly teaming up to fend off what is an existential threat,” Welch said.

“And then you (the US) go into a local grievance and you tap into your decades-long interference through the National Endowment for Democracy or whatever—all the other alphabet soup of CIA front orgs that allow you to meddle in other people's civil society and make it ungovernable whenever they choose to,” he said.

Winken, Blinken and Nod: Americans’ childlike fantasy of ruling the world

“All these things come into play whenever there is a riot or uprising or tensions or anything that you see in a foreign country--that is, outside the US--whose interests may not align with the US government or whose policy may be tilted to gain an advantage. Say, a country on the border of Russia and China simultaneously, for example. Then you have to go back to this history and this playbook,” he observed.

“And yet they will still come out with these outrageous accusations. DPRK doing the hypersonic missile test is ‘profoundly destabilizing’ says Anthony Blinken. Okay, so the US is the arbiter and guarantor of stability in the world, right? Now China just finished building the first high-speed rail from Laos connecting Laos to China--an enormous and incredible, brilliant achievement. You know what they had to do first? They spent six months digging up and defusing US bombs, because more bombs were dropped on that area of the world by the US than any other period in history,” Welch said.  

“And they have the cojones to accuse anyone, anywhere else in the world of ‘destabilizing behavior?’  It's repulsive. It just--I know; I get tired of saying it. But you have to say it again and again and again because you're dealing with a childlike mentality.  Oh, here still some of the names do matter. If you think of Anthony Blinken, and his name just always evokes, for me, Wynken, Blynken, and Nod, which is a fairy tale, a child's lullaby. It makes you realize that this is the thinking of children. There are no adults involved here,” he observed.

“They use dreamlike, childlike logic in forcing their agenda, and combine it with brute military force to get their way. Just like a toddler. An angry toddler. And both Russia and China are fending off huge incursions--the Taiwan Straits, in the South China Sea, the Black Sea, NATO troops in Ukraine. Threatening their borders all over in Xianyang, in Tibet. Everywhere, everywhere you can imagine the US is on a full spectrum, full-speed-ahead attempt to conquer Russia and China. And you have to use those words, because it's not peaceful coexistence, it’s not democracy, it’s not human rights. It is the conquest that they are after and if it's not set in stark terms you always allow the Propaganda Ministry to come in and smooth things over, and convince you that down is up day is night, and the grass is bright red. We have to stand up to it and call it out,” the analyst concluded.

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