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US, Israel talk of ‘military option’ against Iran mere bluster: Expert

Frame grab shows Scot Ritter, a former United Nations weapons inspector (L), and Mostafa Khosh-Cheshm, journalist and political commentator, speaking during Press TV’s Spotlight program on December 9, 2021.

The United States and Israel’s threats of “military option” against Iran due to the Islamic Republic’s refusal to reverse its rightful remedial nuclear measures are mere "bluster", an expert tells Press TV.

“It is clear to any rational player that the military option is simply not on the table,” Scot Ritter, a former United Nations weapons inspector, told the network’s Spotlight program on Thursday.

Expanding on his assertion, Ritter said, “The United States is not ready to go to war in the Middle East again, and Israel lacks the capacity to initiate a sustained, meaningful aerial campaign against Iran.”

“So, all the talk about military action is just bluster,” noted the pundit.

He made the remarks after the Pentagon said Thursday the US and Israel had discussed "discussed shared concerns regarding Iran’s nuclear provocations."

The Israeli regime has never stopped advertising the threat of “military action” against Iran and falsely accusing the Islamic Republic of seeking to acquire non-conventional military capability.

In 2018, the regime acted as the chief party that provoked the US into leaving a 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and other countries.

Recently, the regime began propagandizing its threats of war against Iran again as the Islamic Republic and world countries entered talks that could revive the deal and end Washington’s sanctions against Tehran.

Also speaking on the program was journalist and political commentator, Mostafa Khosh-Cheshm, who expounded on Iran’s insistence on “verifiability” of any sanctions removal process.

He said Iran’s insistence is rooted in the fact that the US never fully relieved the sanctions even after it entered the nuclear accord.

Khosh-Cheshm noted how Washington instead just removed the coercive measures on paper, leaving the foreign companies that wanted to deal with Iran with considerable uncertainty about whether they should engage with the Islamic Republic or not.

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