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Back to negotiations

In roughly an hour's time, Iran and the five remaining signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal will return to the negotiating table in Vienna. Representatives from Iran and the P4+1 countries are reconvening to resume from where the talks left off less than a week ago. On Friday, the negotiators went back to their capitals for further consultations. Tehran has already proposed two draft documents, concerning its nuclear commitments and the removal of sanctions. The European parties say Tehran’s demands go beyond the scope of the nuclear deal. But Iranian officials reject that, arguing that the drafts are in compliance with the previously approved texts. The first round of these talks kicked off in April in Vienna, with the aim of reviving the nuclear deal, and securing the removal of Washington’s sanctions against Iran.

US Syria presence

Syria says the repeated airstrikes by the United States on its soil in recent months are an infringement of the country’s sovereignty. The senior presidential advisor said the US intervened in Syria, occupied parts of the country and plundered its resources such as food, oil and natural gas under the guise of a war on terrorism. She also noted that Washington’s legislation known as the Caesar Act, has made life miserable for civilians in Syria. The bill which was approved in 2019, imposes sanctions on the Syrian government for alleged war crimes. The US and its allies intervened in Syria more than seven years ago, with the excuse of a waging a war on terrorism and without permission from Damascus. The military campaign has resulted in hundreds of civilian casualties and destroyed Syria’s infrastructure.

"They'll pay the price"

China says the four western nations that are keeping their diplomats from attending the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, will regret their move. The foreign ministry’s spokesman says using the Olympic platform for political manipulation is an unpopular and self-isolating move. According to Wang Wenbin, the US, Australia, Britain and Canada will, quote, pay the price for their wrongdoing. These four countries have announced that they will not be sending an official delegation to the games, because they’re concerned over human rights violations in China. The athletes from these countries, however, will attend the competitions. France says it is not joining the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics.

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