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Yellow Vests decry media censorship of 'Season 2'

Ramin Mazaheri

Press TV, Paris

If the Yellow Vests march but the mainstream media doesn’t cover it, does it have an effect? In the age of social media the answer seems to be an unequivocal "Yes", perhaps much to the anger of so-called “legacy media”.

Since the Yellow Vests started their Season two, domestic media has been almost completely absent, but for the eighth consecutive Saturday, they marched nationwide, shut down toll booths and occupied roundabouts.

Starting around June 2019, France’s mainstream media simply stopped covering the Yellow Vests. However, they marched nation-wide in major numbers through the two-month General Strike that winter and until the coronavirus allowed for a ban on public demonstrations in March 2020.

The Yellow Vests say they don’t expect fair treatment from France’s private media; less than 10 billionaires control 90% of all the nation’s media, with strict control over an editorial policy which many say is often right-wing.

In Paris one of the Yellow Vest demonstrations gathered outside of government-owned Radio France’s headquarters to denounce the failure of public media journalists to provide fair coverage of the nation’s biggest social movement in decades.

The ever-increasing concentration of French media ownership has forced the government to act: This week they quietly authorized a commission to investigate the issue, with results due in early 2022. The conclusions will likely have a lot to say about the true freedom of the French press during the age of Western corporate domination.

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