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China-US Taiwan row 

China renewing warnings to the United States over Taiwan. Beijing says it has no room for compromise over the island, and Washington should not have any illusions about this. The Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman says his country is willing to maintain cooperation with the US. But, he adds, the American side, for a period of time, has said a lot of what he calls irresponsible and provocative things on Taiwan. Wu Qian says China is opposed to the violation of its sovereignty and core interests, adding, the Taiwan issue is an especial one for Beijing. That’s because China views the island as its own territory. But, the US government has been irking Beijing by forging ties with Taipei through arms sales and official interactions. Beijing believes the US measures embolden Taiwan in its push for independence from China.

Russia mine accident 

A fire accident in a coal mine in Siberia has taken the lives of at least six people. Dozens of others are injured, while nearly 50 remain trapped. Russian officials say, so far, attempts to communicate with them have been unsuccessful. A rescue operation is underway in the site of the mine, in Siberia’s Kemerovo region. According to local officials, more than 200 workers have been taken to the surface. Some are suffering from poisoning. We don’t know yet what caused the fire. Mine accidents are relatively common in Siberia, with poor safety standards and aging equipment being blamed.

Somalia explosion 

Somalia’s capital Mogadishu is rocked by yet another bomb blast, with at least eight people losing their lives in the latest such attack. Nearly two dozen are also injured as a bomb rips through the center of the city. Officials say the target was a United Nations convoy passing in the area. The explosion caused material damage to a nearby school and hospital. Gunfire is also reported after the blast. Somali officials blame the Al-Shabab terror group for the violence. The group frequently conducts bomb attacks in Mogadishu as they continue fighting the central government. Al-Shabab terrorists have been attempting to establish their own rule in Somalia for over a decade now.

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