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IRGC chief on failed piracy act: US used to taking blow after blow from Iran

Chief Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami speaks at a ceremony marking the 42nd anniversary of the Iranian students’ takeover of the US embassy in Tehran, on November 4, 2021. (Photo by Fars news agency)

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)’s chief says the United States is accustomed to suffering defeat after defeat from Iran but has yet to learn a lesson, a day after the elite military force released details of a recent counter-piracy operation that foiled a US attempt to steal Iranian oil at sea.

Major General Hossein Salami made the remarks in an address to a ceremony marking the 42nd anniversary of the Iranian students’ takeover of the US embassy in Tehran, also known as the “Den of Espionage.”

Salami praised the IRGC Navy’s successful operation in the Sea of Oman, which thwarted an attempt by the US military to steal Iranian oil, saying the recent achievement, which was reported on Wednesday, was proof that the sons of this nation would courageously and decisively stand up to any power that may seek to harm Iran’s national interests.

“The Americans are used to constantly suffering defeats at the hands of the Iranian people, but of course, this has not yet become a lesson for them. The decline of the United States has begun, and on the contrary, we have increasingly been boosting political vitality and revolutionary enthusiasm and our establishment has been reaching higher levels of power day by day,” Salami said.

The IRGC advises “everyone to correct their calculations about Iran and recognize the power of this nation and its grandeur. We have said that we are the anchor of security in this region and we also tell our neighbors that there is no need to seek help from those who are unable to provide themselves with security,” he said.

“Today, the distant territories of the sea are under the control and management of our Armed Forces,” the senior commander said.

'US has waged over 40 wars in world'

Referring to the US warmongering across the globe, Salami said that Washington has waged more than 40 major wars in 40 parts of the world.

Over 8 million deaths have resulted from direct wars waged by the US, which has recorded more than 200 interventions in the internal affairs of other countries in the form of coups, economic sanctions, military invasions and civil sedition plots, he added.

The IRGC chief also noted that Washington, through more than 750 US military bases abroad, has sought to establish a widespread political dominance, stressing that the United States has turned into “a factory producing dictators all over the world.”

“The Islamic Revolution of Iran disrupted the atmosphere of political domination, and a unique and amazing victory over American policy occurred. It shattered the American political order that sought to rule half of the planet. This was the beginning of a great jihad (endeavor for the sake of God) on the part of the Iranian nation to recover the grandeur it had lost [prior to the Revolution].”

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