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Taliban: Enemies seeking division along religious lines in Afghanistan

Rahmatullah Baghban
Press TV, Kabul

As war-ravaged Afghanistan continues to grapple with myriad problems, the country's officials have warned against plots being hatched by the enemies to create chaos and stoke tensions.

At a conference in Kabul on Monday, Taliban’s acting minister of 'enjoining good and forbidding wrong' said disunity has posed a major threat to the Muslim world right from the beginning of Islam, adding that one of the goals pursued by foreign invaders has been to sow discord between different Muslim sects in the country.

During the conference, Muslim scholars stressed the need for unity, solidarity, and tolerance. They stressed that if Muslims stay vigilant and united, no hegemonic power can invade their lands or make them subservient.

After taking power in August, the Taliban has reached out to different religious and ethnic groups in Afghanistan, assuring them of protecting their rights and providing them security. But as observers say, it remains to be seen what the future holds for the crisis-stricken country.

Muslim scholars hope that the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan after 20 long years paves the way for unity, solidarity and tolerance in the country. At the same time, they warn against divisive plots by Islam’s enemies to create fissures in the society. 

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