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Call for Muslim unity

The leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution says Palestine serves as the top criteria for unity in the Muslim world. Ayatollah Khamenei criticized certain regional states for normalizing relations with Israel, calling the approach sinful and wrong. The Leader advised those governments to return from the path that harms Muslim unity, and amend their wrongs. Ayatollah Khamenei further said unity among Muslims is a principle commanded by the Holy Qur'an, and not a tactic dictated by circumstances. He added that a novel Islamic civilization can only be established when Shia and Sunni Muslims converge in a united front. The leader warned of efforts by the US and its pawns to create sedition in the Muslim world. As a case in point, Ayatollah Khamenei recalled the bloody Daesh attacks, that targeted worshippers in mosques in Afghanistan last month. He said the bombings were carried out by the very terror group that Americans have admitted they created.

Yemen army advances

The Yemeni Army, just a few hours ago, announced the latest advances against Saudi Arabia and its mercenaries fighting inside Yemen. The advances, according to the army spokesman, were made during an operation called the Spring of Victory. Yayha Saree said scores of raids were conducted against Saudi-backed forces in the Yemeni provinces of Ma’rib and Shabwah. He said, an area spanning 3,200 square kilometers was liberated. The Saudi-backed forces suffered heavy casualties too, as 550 were killed and 12,000 others injured. Saree said leaders of Daesh and al-Qaeda terrorist groups were among those killed. The army spokesman said the Spring of Victory operation also included attacks on Saudi soil. He explained, more than a hundred drone strikes were conducted, but did not speak of any casualties. Saree said the Yemeni army will continue its operations until all areas are liberated from Saudi Arabia and its loyalists.

Israel settlements

Israel going ahead with expanding its settlements on occupied Palestinian land. The regime now plans to build more than 1,300 new settler units in the West Bank, despite international outcry. Israel’s Housing Minister Ze'ev Elkin has hailed the project and promised to maintain settlement in the West Bank. But, Israeli NGO, Peace Now, expressed anger, labeling the project part of an annexation policy. Jordan also condemned the project, saying it’s a violation of international law. On Friday, reports came in, saying the Israeli regime soon plans to approve the construction of another 3,100 settler units in the West Bank. Israel has been expanding its settlements despite UN resolutions calling them illegal and urging a halt to them.

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