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Iran's air defense force unveils new homegrown military equipment

Yusef Jalali
Press TV, Tehran


The Iranian Army's Air Defense Force has unveiled a new surveillance radar along with other defense equipment.

Dubbed Shams, this radar simulator can create simulated electronic warfare scenarios to train fresh military personnel. The system was unveiled together with other defense equipment, all built by the Iranian Army’s Air Defense Force.

Hormoz was another radar system that was put into service on Saturday. It's a medium-range tactical radar capable of detecting and tracking air targets at high, medium and low altitudes.

Iran's Air Defense Force says the new equipment will significantly increase the country’s air defense capability.

Iran has, for four decades, been under US-led arms embargoes, which prevent the country from purchasing any foreign-made arms. This has, over the years, prompted the Islamic Republic to try to develop its own weapons to ensure its security.

Every year, the country unveils a range of domestically built defense equipment, from UAVs to missiles, as a show of its military might against the backdrop of US sanctions.

The Islamic Republic views US sanctions as a tailwind that has pushed the country toward self-reliance. According to army officials, the latest equipment unveiled during the drills was just a tiny part of the country’s homegrown military hardware as Iran now produces over 80 percent of its defense arsenal domestically.

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