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US "strategic failure"

The Chairman of the United States’ Joint Chiefs of Staff says Washington’s handling of the troops withdrawal from Afghanistan has hurt America’s credibility. General Mark Milley made the comment in his testimony before Congress on the developments in Afghanistan. Milley called Washington’s 20-year-long war in the Central Asian nation a strategic failure. He admitted that the US missed warning signs about a lack of leadership and will in Afghan officials. The session was also attended by Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin and head of the Central Command, Frank McKenzie. Austin also blamed the rapid fall of the government in Kabul on Afghan officials.

Labour anti-Israel motion

British Labour Party members have voted to recognize Israel as an apartheid regime. They also urged the party's leader to campaign for sanctions on the regime which has the blood of so many Palestinians on its hands.

US debt limit row

The US Treasury secretary has warned of a catastrophe in the country’s economy if congress fails to raise the debt limit. Janet Yellen noted that the government is likely to run out of cash on October 18th unless Congress raises the federal borrowing cap. She said the government would not be able to pay salaries of public workers or service the nation's debt if the limit doesn’t increase. Republicans have nevertheless blocked a House-passed bill to suspend the debt limit until December 2022 and avert a government shutdown. Meanwhile, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader said he would introduce a measure to seek a borrowing increase by a simple majority. This comes as republicans are leveraging the debt limit as a political bludgeon to protest President Joe Biden's spending plans.

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