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‘Secret Israel-UAE oil deal’ sparks 100s-strong rally

Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed and Bahrain's Foreign Minister Abdullatif Al Zayani standby prior to signing the so-called Abraham Accords with then-US president Donald Trump at the White House in Washington, US, on September 15, 2020. (Photo by Reuters)

Hundreds of people have held a protest rally in the occupied territories against a “secret” oil deal between the Israeli regime and the United Arab Emirates.

The demonstration was held on Saturday at the invitation of environmental protection groups, Russia Today Arabic reported, citing the regime’s broadcaster.

The groups have been raising awareness about the agreement and its environmental repercussions since August 14, when it was revealed by the Associated Press in a report.

According to the report, the agreement was made last September as part of the so-called “Abraham Accords.”

The accords saw the United States facilitating normalization agreements between the occupying regime and a raft of regional countries, including the UAE.

The détente pacts have been wrapped across the board by all Palestinian groups, as well as many regional peoples and governments. Opponents have called them a “stab in the back” of Palestine and its cause of liberation from Israeli occupation and aggression.

It has been struck between the Europe-Asia Pipeline Company, a Tel Aviv-owned corporation, and MED-RED Land Bridge, a joint Israeli-Emirati venture.

The deal, the AP wrote, has been “hailed as a move that could cement fledgling diplomatic ties and further Israel’s energy ambitions.”

As part of the agreement, the Eilat port in the occupied territories would turn “into a waypoint for Emirati oil headed for Western markets.”

Environmental groups have urged the Israeli supreme court to intervene.

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