The Ghost Army

Today we go in search of a Ghost Army – American style. Have you noticed it's been a while since President Joe Biden defended his glorious withdrawal from Afghanistan. But why? When it comes to things like this, he’s given more comeback speeches than Frank Sinatra. But now he seems so defensive --- the only folks retreating faster than the American President are the American Army.

On the eve of the withdrawal, the Pentagon announced the Afghan Army had been specially trained to defend the country. And indeed they were. They demonstrated they’d truly learned from the Americans, by retreating as fast as they could. The fact is the Afghans were totally reliant on Uncle Sam. It seems their military vehicle training amounted starting up the Humvees for American troops – before, well, going back to packing their gear in preparation for the glorious retreat.

My question is this: how can this “surrender tactic" take 20 years and cost two trillion dollars?! That’s a hundred billion dollars a year - just to lose! And while they may learned how to escape quickly, according to American reports it took them a lot longer to learn other things. 28 Afghans spent a whole year learning how to use drones! How can that be? They should have just employed kids. Because every kid I know seems able to learn to use a drone in about 10 minutes, and then can even attack his friends with it no problem. Maybe I’m being unfair. Perhaps the Afghan army training involved special skills like how to operate a drone while you’re driving your Humvee backwards as fast as you can...

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