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Afghans call on Taliban to establish inclusive government

Amin Alemi
Press TV, Kabul

The Taliban's postponement of declaring an inclusive government has sparked mixed reactions here in Afghanistan.

Many Afghans praise the Taliban for bringing calm and security to locals but they are concerned about their future, given the political instability and widespread poverty and joblessness which plagues the country.

This comes as the Taliban say they are committed to form an inclusive government in order to bring lasting political stability and peace to this war-ravaged country and want the people to be patient.

The Taliban have already left out women from the cabinet line-up. This has led many to voice their concerns about the rights of women under the new government in Afghanistan.

Taliban spokesman Sohail Shaheen announced recently that the group will protect women's rights within the religious law. Despite this, some major cities of Afghanistan, including capital Kabul, have so far witnessed demonstrations by women rights activists in reaction to the Taliban’s 'NO' to the presence of women in high- ranking government positions.

The international community is under growing pressure to urge the Taliban to establish an inclusive government by including women and respecting their rights.

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