Saudi inspection

And this week we take a look at what you can do if you’re rich, royal and really nosey! There are many princes in quite a few countries. But sometimes a prince somewhere in the world seems to think he rules the whole world, like the Saudi Crown Prince.

He seems to believe he has enough money to buy just about anything. Well, actually, he pretty much can. But recently, he’s got a bit childish. You know the way kids get bored of video games and want something new. So, after apparently hacking Saudi smartphones across the world to catch up on other people’s browsing history and chat, the young prince got bored of that and has decided to try a new game – which is called ‘let’s go and see inside Iran’s nuclear sites.’

Sadly for him,his brilliant idea for an atomic powered sightseeing tour got the thumbs down from international bodies. But, like any wild child,he did what any sulking youth would do, he went and moaned about it to his gang of friends, also called the Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirate. And they moaned,to the world, calling for a “rapid and comprehensive inspection” of all Iranian nuclear sites. Which is the same as saying ‘It’s not fair, and I’m going to scream and scream and scream until you have had enough.’

These countries waged the bloody war against Yemen, imposed an all-out blockade against Qatar and, oh yes,then there was that regrettable 9/11 incident. Remember where the terrorists were from? Yes, dozens had their roots in good old Saudi Arabia.

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