Fuel crisis in Lebanon

This week, we are going to take a look at the formerly beautiful “Bride of the Middle East”, but one without a lot to offer if you want to marry her today. Yes I mean Lebanon, once the jewel of the region, but I think it’s true to say the country has seen better days.

If you go to Beirut right now, you will see some quite disturbing scenes across the country. Acute shortages are hitting Lebanon hard these days. There’s almost no fuel, no electricity, no water, and there’s also a shortage of Saad Hariri –which, for those not familiar with Lebanon, is a former Prime Minister, not a kebab. Now, here’s the problem. Lebanese Prime Ministers tend to be either blown up by the Israeli regime (Rafic Hariri) or kidnapped by their Saudi brothers (Saad Hariri).

So now, no one is willing to take the helm as Prime Minister and form a new government. Just as Elon Musk is working on full self-driving cars without a driver, Lebanese politicians are working on a full self-driving country without a government! Against such a backdrop, the Islamic Republic of Iran has announced that it will send its fuel tankers to Lebanon. Who’s happy about that? Well, have a guess who isn'’t! As it’s being arranged by Hezbollah, Washington and Tel Aviv went crazy when they heard about it.

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