True Colors of Canada

This is the 43rdepisode of Cats and Dogs. Yes, I’m counting, because I’'ve been promised a party when we get to Episode 5,000, and you'’re all invited - so make a note to be free for a big night out in about 100 years.By contrast, there’s no party as Canada looks back over the last 100 years, as they lose count of unmarked graves connected with residential schools.

Viewers in Canada, beware. You might be living on top of yet another unmarked graveyard where boarding school students are buried. Yes, during the 19th and 20th century, more than 130 compulsory boarding schools were funded by the Canadian government and run by religious authorities.

However, news of huge numbers of graves of children at residential schools, which first grabbed headlines seems to have become repetitive for media outlets. In another classic example of how the media works, they've decided it'’s just become a bit boring, especially in the West. Yes, they prefer to leave aside all this awkward talk about the massacre of an indigenous population in Canada over the past 100 or so years, and focus on, for example, the death of Biden's dog instead.

Experts still don’t seem able to explain the true goal these schools were pursuing. But the actual result was quite clear: separating indigenous children from their families, exposing many to starvation, sexual abuse, disease and death.

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