Running in the Dark

Billions watched competitors smash records at this year’s Olympic. Games in Tokyo’s sporting arenas. At the very same time, another major record-breaking event taking place unfolding in the political arena as team US Military finished breaking an entire country by destroying civilians, buildings and employment in Afghanistan.

Unlike the Olympic triple jump or 100 metres final, these records have stood since they were set by wait for it Genghis Khan of the Mongol Empire in 1219. And America knocked Gengis’s old records right out of the stadium! After scoring gold for regional destruction, Team America then showed amazing modesty by leaving Bagram Air Base at night, without telling anyone, sneaking out of the very epicenter of the “war on terrorism” after nearly 20 years and over 2 trillion bucks.

That’s is one big fistful of dollars. And it didn’t need to be so costly. For a fraction of that investment Daesh would have done the same job in just a few months. And some say that’s why the Americans decided later to invent Daesh. A sort of US Military wrecking crew.

In fairness, some say the Americans didn’t want to destroy Afghanistan. They just wanted to make it more like America itself. For that you need inequality, discrimination, lots of gun crime and an electoral system that Trump claimed was corrupt. If you look at it like that, then the US Afghanistan presence has actually done rather well.

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