Pegasus: Big Brother

This week, we’re going to take a ride on awild horse that’s stampeded onprivacy across the world. Pegasus, a beast from old Greek mythology, is also a horse that’s beentrained at the technological stables of an Israeli company that goes by the name of NSO Group.

This Pegasus does its tricks in the mysterious showground of the digital world. It’s military-grade spyware, and the good news is, if you’re being spied on, it’s free! That’s because Pegasus can be secretlyinstalled on your mobile phone and turn it into a wonderful 24-hour surveillance device.

It can copy messages you send or receive harvest your photographs and record your calls. Pegasus can also secretly film you through your phone’s camera, or activate the microphone to record your conversations. This is fantastic news if you want to keep a diary and are too lazy to do it yourself, for absolutely zero financial cost, Pegasus will record everything you do or say in public or private.

You know the phrase ‘Just Google it? Well Pegasus isa kind of state sponsored Google, but better. Can’t remember what you did last summer? Just Pegasus it! Want to remember where you spent Saturday night? Pegasus it! Want to know where your partner spent last Saturday night? That’s right, just Pegasus it! No more guessing because Pegasus gallops where Google fears to tread.

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