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Cuban-Americans call for ending blockade amid dueling DC protests

Wyatt Reed
Press TV, Washington


In Washington, hundreds rallied outside the White House calling for an end to the US blockade of Cuba, despite repeated attempts by a large contingent of right-wing Cuban expatriates to silence them.

The scorching heat wasn't enough to slow down the rally organizers, Cuban-American activists of Puentes del Amor, or Bridges of Love, and neither was for the crowd of angry counter-demonstrators. Bridges of Love marched all the way from Miami to call on US president Joe Biden to honor his campaign pledge to rescind Trump-era restrictions on Cuba.

Organizers condemned the brutal and indiscriminate economic war the US has waged on the small island nation for 62 years.

But for some Cuban-Americans, the idea of making peace with the socialist administration of Manuel Diaz-Canel is a bridge too far. They've shown up by the busload-18 of them, according to the Washington Post-to bully, harass, and intimidate those who oppose the US government's seemingly endless efforts to overthrow Cuba and depose its leaders. But organizers stressed that such people don't speak for all Cubans.

Park police eventually established a barrier after repeated attempts by the right-wing provocateurs to interrupt the rally and intimidate its participants. In the end, activists say the event was a big success. And with the US President recently promising that the newly-announced sanctions against Cuba were "just the beginning," organizers say we can expect to hear more from those who support peaceful co-existence and an end to the brutal blockade that's behind the shortages plaguing the country.

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