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UAE normalization emboldens Israel to commit more crimes, says researcher

Emirati Ambassador to Israel Mohamed al-Khaja delivers a speech at the new UAE embassy in Tel Aviv on July 14, 2021.

A Turkish researcher says the UAE's decision to normalize ties with Israel was aimed at tightening the ruling family’ grip on power in the Persian Gulf country, stressing that such deals only embolden Tel Aviv to commit more crimes against the Palestinians.

“Most likely the Emirates doesn't care about any martyr of Palestine. The ruling elite cares much about their seat that I call it ‘regime security’,” Mehmet Rakipoglu told Press TV. 

Rakipoglu said the UAE, under its de facto leader Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has openly cooperated with Israel since the Arab revolutions of the 2010s.

He said he “was not shocked” when the UAE normalized ties with Israel and opened its embassy in the occupied territories because there was secret cooperation between the two sides, which just became public and formal.

The United Arab Emirates officially inaugurated its embassy in Israel on July 14, about two months after Israel launched another war on the besieged Gaza Strip.

Tel Aviv launched a brutal bombing campaign on May 10, following Palestinian retaliation against violent raids on worshipers at al-Aqsa Mosque and the regime’s plans to force a number of Palestinian families out of their homes at the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East al-Quds. About 260 Palestinians were killed in the Israeli offensive.

‘UAE ignored voices on Arab streets’

Elsewhere in his remarks, Rakipoglu said the normalization shows the UAE does not care about the will of the people.

The UAE, he said, does not respect the views of the Arab people that have overwhelmingly been against normalization with Israel. Abu Dhabi, instead, has been pushing other countries to normalize ties with Tel Aviv, including Sudan, he added.

According to Rakipoglu, Israel “gained the most” from the normalization deal, as it “became easier to kill Palestinians”.

Commenting on UAE claims that the normalization aimed to make peace in the region, he stressed that “the UAE does not have any right to speak on behalf of” the Palestinians.

“Making peace with Israel is just a cover. On the other hand, even though the embassy is opened, Israel doesn't stop. In addition, Israel feels more safe and thus attacks Palestine more openly.

“Egypt and Jordan made ‘peace’ with Israel and they are now somehow dependent on Israel. Making peace with Israel without any consultation with the Palestinian people and resistance will only strengthen Israel,” he added.

The UAE and Bahrain signed normalization deals with Israel in a ceremony hosted by former US President Donald Trump at the White House last September. The event was joined by former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Palestinians have condemned the accords as a stab in their back and a direct affront to their cause to liberate their lands from Israeli occupation.

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