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Video: US base burning in flames after drone attack

File photo of a US military convoy in Iraq

An Iraqi group releases a video of an aerial attack it recently staged against the second-biggest military base housing US forces in the Arab country.

The group that identified itself as Lawa al-Thaerin launched the attack in the small hours of Friday against the al-Harir base that is located in Erbil, the capital of the Iraqi Kurdistan region. Wayne Marotto, spokesman for the US-led coalition occupying Iraq, confirmed the attack, but claimed that the incident had not caused any damage to the outpost.

The footage that the Iraqi group made public on Sunday, however, visibly showed the base going up in raging flames after the attack.

Reports said the attack was carried out using a “fixed-wing” unmanned aerial vehicle.

The US-led the coalition rolled into Iraq in 2014 under the banner of fighting the Takfiri terrorist group of Daesh. Observers say the operation came at a time, when Washington was almost running out of excuses to prolong its 2003-present invasion of the Arab country.

It sustains its presence, although, Baghdad and its allies defeated the terrorists in late 2017, and in spite of a law that was passed by the Iraqi parliament early last year ruling all forms of US-led military presence in the country illegal.

The legislative body approved the law after a US drone strike targeted the capital Baghdad, martyring senior Iranian and Iraqi anti-terror commanders, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

The commanders had played an indispensable role in crushing Daesh.

Iraqi resistance groups have vowed not to lay down their arms until the expulsion of all the foreign forces. They reaffirmed the position in their most recent statement, in which they underlined that the struggle would go on until the expulsion of the last of the troops.

Drone attacks targeting American interests in the Arab country have escalated after recent speculations that the US is about to force the government of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Khadhimi into green-lighting continuation of the illegal military presence.

Reports have shown that Washington could start applying the pressure during an upcoming visit that the premier is slated to make to the White House.

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