Harry Dunn case: US attempts to suppress details of Anne Sacoolas’ job

Suspected CIA officer Anne Sacoolas lives freely in the US as Harry's parents try to hold her to account for killing their teenage son

The US government has intervened in a court case to effectively suppress any information relating to the employment of Harry Dunn’s killer, Anne Sacoolas.

Government lawyers have urged the civil courts in Virginia to prevent the disclosure of Sacoolas’ employment details in the interests of “national security”.

The application for a protective order, filed on Friday (July 23), contends that “information concerning the United States Government has little to no relevance to an adjudication of any remaining issues in this case”.

"The United States seeks protection ... because of the impact the disclosure of information regarding the Government in this litigation could reasonably be expected to have on national security", the protective order argues.

The court case in Virginia revolves around a damages claim brought by Harry’s parents - Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn – against Sacoolas and her husband.

Sacoolas, 43, who is believed to be employed by the CIA, killed Harry by crashing into his motorbike outside RAF Croughton in late August 2019. She was driving on the wrong side of the road at the time.

Her husband – who is also a US intelligence officer – was formally employed at RAF Croughton, which houses a large US spy base.

Sacoolas fled the UK 19 days after the crash by claiming diplomatic immunity. She was helped in that endeavor by the UK Foreign Office.

Despite being charged by the Crown Prosecution Service with causing death by dangerous driving, Sacoolas refuses to return to the UK to face the British criminal justice system.

She is fully supported in that decision by the US government which has ruled out extraditing her in part on national security grounds.

Reacting to the latest development, the Dunn family spokesman, Radd Seiger, released the following statement: "It now appears that Mr and Mrs Sacoolas have brought in their employers, the US Government, to help them minimize what happened to Harry on the night he died in an attempt to prevent both the family and public at large from knowing the full truth”.

"The US Government have asked the parents to consent to their application to court, who in turn have told them it will be resisted strenuously", Seiger added.


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