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Home office to proscribe white supremacist group ‘The Base’ under anti-terror laws

It is unclear if The Base has any active members or supporters in the UK

The Home Office is preparing to proscribe an American white supremacist group as a terrorist organization.

The Base is set to become the fifth right-wing extremist group proscribed in the UK under anti-terror laws.

The small extremist group, established in 2018, seeks to create terror cells in multiple countries with a view to instigating a “race war”.

It is unclear to what extent (if any) the group is active in the UK.

The group’s American founder, Rinaldo Nazzaro, reportedly directs clandestine cells from his home in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Nazzaro has an interesting background as he was formerly employed by both the Pentagon and the FBI.

He reportedly lives freely in St. Petersburg, even giving a feature-length interview to Russian state television last November.

The Home Office is apparently basing its proscription drive on reports that members of The Base have trained with weapons and explosives.

Furthermore, several people linked to the group are being prosecuted in the US for various offenses, including conspiracy to murder.

According to the Home Office, The Base has similar ideology and aims with the Atomwaffen Division, and its formal alias National Socialist Order, which was banned in April.

Other right-wing extremist groups proscribed in the UK include National Action and Sonnenkrieg Division – both originally created in Britain – in addition to the Feuerkrieg Division, which was founded in Estonia.

The Base is expected to be formally banned by MPs later this week, after which membership or support for the group will constitute a terrorism offense potentially attracting a 14-year prison sentence.

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