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Saudi-led coalition war displaces many Yemenis in Saudi Arabia

Abdullatif Al-washali
Press TV, Sana'a

Since the beginning of the Saudi-led coalition war against Yemen in 2015, thousands of Yemenis, including businessmen, have been forcibly displaced from Saudi territories due to their sympathy with their country. Others have been imprisoned and tortured on charges of being Houthis.

Abdullatif al-Hashemi is one of those displaced from Saudi Arabia. He has established a foundation in Sana'a to expose the Saudi practices against Yemenis and to help those who feel alienated upon their arrival in Yemen after spending decades of their lives in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Hashemi says some Yemenis have been displaced or imprisoned because of their last name if it refers to a Hashemite family.

Saudi Arabia and its regional allies launched a devastating war on Yemen in March 2015 to reinstate a friendly regime there. The brutal war has killed tens of thousands of civilians most of them women and children.

The grievance of forcibly displaced Yemenis from Saudi Arabia exposes another aspect of Riyadh's violations of the humanitarian law. People here say all this comes amid the apathy of most international human rights bodies.

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