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Online exhibit uncovers harsh reality of Korean War

Frank Smith

Press TV, Seoul

On June 25th 1950 the Korean War broke out as the North Korean army poured across the 38th parallel into South Korea. The anniversary, Friday, provided a marker for reflection.

The War Memorial in the center of the South Korean capital is part ongoing multifaceted efforts to promote the military here honoring those that served and died during the Korean War South Koreans, Americans, and other nationalities.

The 1950-53 conflict was only suspended with an armistice, not a peace treaty, and because of the tension with North Korea, South Korea requires all able bodied men to serve a year and a half in the armed forces.

More and more South Koreans are not buying into the rhetoric of militaristic antagonism. Activist Sin Jae-uk this week launched an online museum, a group effort exposing disturbing aspects of the Korean War, with previously restricted material.

Documents in the exhibit confirm the US military’s use of napalm in the Korean War, and suspicions that a South Korean general destroyed a bridge across the Han River preventing thousands of civilians from retreating. Some 2.3 million people were killed during the Korean War, often called the forgotten war or the never ending war.

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