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Press TV speaks with Iranian voters attacked in Britain

Robert Carter
Press TV, London

As millions of Iranians came out to take part in this year's elections, many expats living in Europe faced intimidation and physical attacks from anti-Iran terrorist group supporters. In the UK, many incidents of Iranian voters being attacked outside polling stations circulated on social media. 

Victims included women and the elderly. The perpetrators - supporters of anti-Iran terrorist groups including the MEK, communists and Shah royalists.

Videos released on social media showing fanatic protesters hurling Islamophobic abuse and even physically assaulting voters in Birmingham, Manchester and here in London. Outside the consulate building, Press TV captured despicable scenes of innocent women, including an elderly lady, being verbally abused while staff were also assaulted.

Britain boasts about being a defender of democracy on the world stage but these violent scenes suggest that the UK failed miserably to protect democratic rights of Iranian inside its own borders.

Despite these attempts Iran’s election went ahead with President-elect Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi coming out on top.

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