Benevolent Bin Salman

These days, Saudi Arabia looks like Buckingham Palace from the outside royal and grand. But from the inside it looks a little like Saddam Hussain's tiny hideout in Tikrit, Iraq in the days before his arrest, trial and execution. Remember his hideout?

It was a cross between a disused watering hole and a bomb crater just like the only apartment I could afford to rent in Central London. In fact, if Saddam had moved to mya partmenthe’d have surrendered long before he was found, because frankly prison would have been an improvement.

But I digress. Back to Saudi Arabia. The headlines suggest the kingdom is going nuclear, is working on a four-storey submarine, is turning the seawater into Pepsi Cola and is building a city run by robots. But behind the headlines, the Crown Prince is looking across the whole kingdom searching for runaway princes who made bad mistakes, like innocently asked him some kind of awkward question.

Like why did you park your car in my space or why did you cut Kashoggi’s head off. Or both, but probably not in the same sentence. In fact, Bin Salman tries to present himself as a progressive leader - but there’s always something that reveals his true colors.

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