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The legal burqa: Muslim artist defies 'hypocritical' burqa ban

Robert Carter

Press TV, London

Amid a European-wide burqa ban frenzy, one Muslim artist has found a unique way to hit back. Defying a local ban in Amsterdam, art director Ersem Ercil constructed an Islamic burqa made entirely out of medical face masks. Raising serious questions, with this legal loophole, about the hypocrisy behind the burqa ban.

Many Muslim activists have condemned state-support for the ban, amid accusations of Islamophobia. This criticism has only intensified after Islamic face coverings remained illegal while non-Islamic mask coverings have now become compulsory by law.

The ban on the burqa in the Netherlands came into effect in August 2019. According to the law, those who wear clothes that cover their face in certain public areas can be fined as much as €150.

But after the arrival of Covid 19, new laws say you will be fined 95 Euros for failing to wear a facemask in public. Meaning that devout Muslim women are treated very differently by the state because of their religious beliefs. Proving the burqa ban hypocrisy is a blatant case of institutional discrimination.

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