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New Epstein revelations ‘shocking’ but accomplices not likely to face justice

New Epstein revelations are shocking. But those still alive connected to him will likely never face justice.

By Richard Sudan

The new criminal charges against Ghislaine Maxwell and claims about Jeffrey Epstein, are revealing, as well as shocking, and if true, shed further light on one of the most wide-reaching abuse scandals, possibly of all-time, casting the entire controversy in an even more sinister context, than was first thought.

The vast scale of the abuse chronicled and documented in the case of Jeffrey Epstein, and the allegations about him, are well publicized, and it is believed that Ghislaine Maxwell, son of the late Robert Maxwell, was deeply complicit in the abuse. 

Ghislaine Maxwell, the longtime confidante and partner of Epstein, is accused of grooming and recruiting countless young women and underage girls, for sexual abuse by Epstein, many of whom ended up trafficked to the notorious island that Epstein owned.

In recent days, it was revealed in a new charge brought by New York prosecutors against Maxwell, that Maxwell may have trafficked a girl as young as 14, to Epstein for abuse.

Billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein, was found dead in a New York jail cell in 2019 while facing charges, with officials citing suicide as the cause. 

And now, a legal claim against Epstein's estate argues that in 2008, both Epstein and Maxwell repeatedly raped a 26 year-old woman in front of her 8 year-old son,  threatening to have the woman ‘devoured’ by a pack of alligators, if she ever went public with the details of the ordeal.

The latest developments create an even darker and sick picture, of a tale, which shocked the world, ever since the revelations about Epstein and Maxwell first began to hit the headlines.

Many believe that Epstein never committed suicide, maintaining that he was in fact murdered, in order to prevent him ever lifting the lid on the details of those individuals allegedly implicated and involved, in his vast abuse network.

Some even contend that both Epstein and Maxwell, were actually working as spies for Israel, gathering information on powerful individuals, often involved in politics, in order to blackmail them and to extort information. 

Among those who are alleged to have spent time in close proximity to Epstein are former US presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Both have denied any accusations and suggestion of any wrongdoing.

Another individual many believe is implicated in Epstein’s activities, is British royal family member, Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew, despite spending what is believed to be a significant amount of time in close proximity to Epstein, always denied accusations of any improper behavior, and furthermore, most notably in a car-crash interview with the BBC, even denied any knowledge of Epstein’s activities at all, despite many believing the opposite is true.

Virginia Guiffre, a victim exploited by Epstein, says she was forced to have sex with the prince more than once.

These developments in the cases against both Maxwell and Epstein, who are potentially closely linked to Prince Andrew and other powerful figures, make for horrific, chilling and almost unbelievable reading.

But what is also incredibly shocking, is that the UK and US media are not highlighting the severity of these claims, and how those claims might reflect on some of the most powerful figures in society, and the systems they represent, within the scope, tone, and nature of any news coverage.

In fact,  news headlines seem devoted to all other matters, while excluding serious analysis, of one of the biggest scandals ever recorded. If of course, it was not powerful white Western men embroiled in the allegations, some say, the news coverage would be very different indeed.

But the reality for many, is that we live in a world in which some of the most powerful individuals linked to countries which claim to uphold the law, believe in democracy, fairness, and transparency, are themselves quite simply, above and beyond any true accountability.

Those implicated in the Epstein abuse scandal will likely never have to face any real serious questioning or be subject to any criminal inquiry.

Epstein has taken the details of his abuse network to his grave, while also evading justice in his own lifetime.  But there are numerous figures connected to his network, who remain alive that ought to face real scrutiny and justice, for the countless victims affected by the scandal.  

The fact that the vast majority of media outlets give so little coverage to this story is shameful, especially given the new revelations. But this state of affairs is also a stark reminder, of how powerful individuals in so-called democratic countries live outside of the law, and also how those relying on the rule of law, to deliver justice, are continually betrayed and denied it.


Richard Sudan is a journalist, writer and TV reporter working for Press TV.

(The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of Press TV.)

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