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UK school teacher condemned for insulting Islam's prophet

Robert Carter

Press TV, Batley

In the English Town of Batley, a local grammar school has caused major controversy after a teacher showed a blasphemous cartoon of Islam's holy Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) to students during a religious studies class.

Outraged parents of Muslim students began protesting outside the school gates on Thursday, demanding the school take action against Islamophobia.

Batley Grammar School reacted quickly. Suspending the teacher, launching an investigation and apologizing to the parents. However, the British press and politicians have opted to condemn the protesters instead, adding further fuel to the fire.

Many details about what the protesters have been demanding are not clear. The school has acknowledged that the “resource” used in Monday's lesson was “completely inappropriate" and had the capacity to cause great offence to members of the community.

But that response has angered many on social media who claim Muslims should accept insults on their prophet as part of "freedom of speech."

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