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Polls show Israeli general elections heading toward deadlock

Mona Kandil
Press TV, Ramallah


Polls in Israel suggest rival parties are neck and neck in upcoming general elections and like previous elections, there will be no clear winner to form cabinet. 

Israelis are set to vote again for fourth time in two years, hoping to break a seemingly endless cycle of elections and a political deadlock. However polls before election day conducted by Israeli channels, all suggest continued political deadlock, as none of the Israeli blocs are expected to receive 61 seats in order to form a cabinet, not Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s own Likud party.

Pressure has mounted in the election run-up on Netenyahu, who is on trial for corruption and accused by critics of mismanaging the coronavirus pandemic.

Observers say the greatest challenge to Netanyahu’s rule comes from amongst his own ranks in the Israeli right. There’s Gideon Saar, leader of the New Hope party, one of Netanyahu’s closest allies in the Likud, and there’s also Naftali Bennett, chairman of the Yamina party, who boasts solid right-wing credentials that make him a popular alternative to Netanyahu.

Netanyahu is the Israeli prime minister since 2009, and he is running for re-election while standing trial on corruption charges. And since 2019, neither Netanyahu nor his opponents have been able to win enough seats in the Knesset to form a coalition with a stable majority, and that has left Netanyahu in office despite clear opposition.

So as the latest polls show that neither Israeli bloc has a clear route to a majority, leaving the Israelis bracing for another inconclusive result, and a possible fifth election later in the year.

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