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Lebanese leaders agree to end stalemate in cabinet formation

Mariam Saleh
Press TV, Beirut

Lebanese President and the country’s Prime minister-designate have agreed to discuss how to reach a cabinet line-up as soon as possible. The Secretary-general of Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah says the formation of the next government in Lebanon would allow for settling the deep economic crisis engulfing the Arab nation.

In a televised speech on Thursday, Hezbollah’s Secretary-General said the formation of a new government won’t be a silver bullet to Lebanon’s many problems, but it can mark a good start.

The Hezbollah leader said he would support a new cabinet if announced on Monday. He advised Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri to reconsider the formation of a government of specialists and to form a techno-political cabinet that can make difficult decisions. 

Nasrallah noted that there were outside and internal entities that were trying to push Lebanon into civil war.

His comments came after President Aoun and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri met at the presidential palace on Thursday, following a heated debate between the two the previous day. Hariri said after the talks that the two agreed to meet again on Monday when they will seek crucial answers to how to reach a cabinet line-up as soon as possible.

The president had earlier called on Hariri to either meet him to agree on a final list of ministers or step aside and allow for someone else to form the cabinet. 

Analysts believe that the president broke the loop which Lebanon has been living through in the last few months by calling on Hariri to join him for renewed discussions:

Lebanon's deeply divided political class has failed to agree on a new cabinet which has made the worst economic crisis since the civil war unbearable. 

Despite the urgent meeting and weighty talks between president Aoun and Prime minister designate Saad Hariri, the two leaders failed to reach an agreement on the line-up of the next cabinet which would be a ray of light in the obscure circumstances and dire socio-economic and political state of affairs in Lebanon. 

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