Harry Dunn case: Anne Sacoolas intelligence role was hidden from FCO

The young face of tragic Harry Dunn continues to cast a long shadow over UK-US diplomatic ties and the complex intelligence relationships which underpin it

In the latest development in the tragic Harry Dunn case it has been revealed in court that the US embassy in London had not originally notified the Foreign Office of Anne Sacoolas’s intelligence role.

It has now become clear that the US embassy in London only asserted diplomatic immunity on behalf of Sacoolas after the fatal accident on August 27, 2019 outside RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire.

According to court documents in Virginia (USA), the American embassy’s first note, dated August 30, 2019, clearly demonstrates that the US State Department demanded diplomatic immunity for Sacoolas only at that time – and crucially not at any point before the fatal crash.

That assertion of immunity directly precipitated Sacoolas’s departure from the UK on September 15, nearly three weeks after she killed Harry by crashing into his motorobike while driving on the wrong side of the road.    

The note written by officials at the US embassy only labeled Sacoolas as “the spouse of a member of administrative and technical staff of the embassy”.

Therefore, even at that late hour the US State Department was actively deceiving the FCO by concealing Sacoolas’s true role in the UK, which involved undeclared spying activities.

This latest important development follows the revelation last Wednesday (February 03) that Sacoolas was working for a US intelligence agency at the time she killed Harry.

Previously it had been assumed Sacoolas was a former employee of a US intelligence agency and was not involved in intelligence-related work at the time of the crash in late August 2019.

Sacoolas’s husband, who is also a spy, left the UK alongside his wife, an escape facilitated by the UK FCO.

The latest development is not only important in relation to Harry’s case – for it proves beyond reasonable doubt that Sacoolas did not benefit from diplomatic immunity at the time of the crash – but more broadly it demonstrates how US intelligence operates with impunity in the UK.

The startling fact that the US State Department manifestly failed to notify the FCO of Sacoolas’s intelligence profile begs the question as to how many undeclared US intelligence officers are operating on British soil and for what reason the US hides their true role from its supposed UK ally.




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