The best negotiators

As you may know, over the past four years, Donald Trump did two things simultaneously, which already makes him smarter than some US Presidents. But those two things were not so good. One was breaking US deals with other nations and the other was making deals with porn stars- and in both cases it was all about getting them to do what he wanted, but not in a good way.

Now, Trumps successor is trying to rebuild those broken deals- well not the one with the porn star but the other ones.

Leaving aside whether the United States has replaced a peaceful presidential handover at the White house with a piecemeal invasion at Capitol Hill, the international community expects great things from Biden about the Iran nuclear deal. And so we find ourselves in the ironic situation where Tehran is again negotiating its peaceful nuclear program with the president of the only country in history that has ever used atom bombs to kill whole cities; twice!

And let’s take a little look at the countries most interested in Iran’s nuclear program. There is peace-loving France that sold tons of chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq-which was not all bad, when you look at those amazing discount prices!

W have got Germany, a pretty major player in WWI and WWII, and then we have the United Kingdom, whose East India company’s trade in slavery, occupation and opium were a role model others followed for centuries.

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