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Brexit – A Month On

Amina Taylor
Press TV, London

Brexit was a defining moment in Britain’s political history and a real opportunity, many hoped, of the UK retaking its place as a leading voice on the world stage, free from the constraints of the EU. Now a month in, has stepping away from Brussels shown immediate results?

After years of campaigning, round after round of tough negotiations with the EU, deadlines pushed back and a no-deal averted in the nick of time, January the first was a moment of triumph for those who both supported the UK’s exit from Europe and for those who just simply wanted to move on from the diplomatic drama.

But flash forward a month into the UK’s new relationship with Europe and even though it’s still early days, how’s it working out?

Brexit was touted as Britain’s very own independence day an opportunity to reclaim sovereignty from the clutches of the European Union but now with the passage of time just what are the realities that are beginning setting about the true cost of Britain’s exit from the EU?

Boris Johnson and his cabinet have been adamant. This is a new Dawn for the UK, a genuine opportunity to flex its political muscles on the global stage. Teething problems have dented this bonhomie somewhat with Businesses trading with the EU pointing to new obstacles.

Industries like fisheries have been particularly impacted with worried businesses taking their grievance directly to Westminster.

The new trade deals that will replace anything lost in the split with Brussels have yet to publicly materialize.

There have been political complications too with Scotland pushing ahead stridently for another independence vote as a campaign of reunification is being talked down in the Ireland by Unionists.

Ardent Brexiteers will say moving away from the EU is more than about the nuts and bolts of red tape and temporary obstacles but about a return to something greater, a renewed sense of pride that you can’t put a price on but those battling with the new realities might wonder if it is a price worth paying.

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