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Yemen FM condemns 'silly' Ansarullah terror designation

Robert Carter
Press TV, London

As Joe Biden takes over the White House many are asking what changes will be made to American foreign policy, in particular, towards Yemen. Trump's terrorist designation of Yemen's Ansarullah and continued US support for the Saudi-led aggression have both hampered peace efforts. Amid this uncertainty, Press TV secured an exclusive interview with the Foreign Minister of Yemen's Ansarullah-led government who spoke to us from the besieged nation's capital.

Slim hopes of progress towards peace in Yemen were swiftly dashed this month as then outgoing US President Donald Trump designated Yemen's Houthi Ansarullah movement as a "foreign terrorist organization."

A move widely condemned as deeply damaging to the peace process and pushes the country towards famine.

Amid fears for Yemen's future, I secured an exclusive interview with the foreign minister of the Ansarullah-led government in Sana''a for a response to these disturbing developments.

The foreign minister explained that he felt the US decision was "silly" and that Trump was probably paid into making the choice.

I asked the FM whether Yemen would consider a military response. He warned that if the peace process totally fails, Yemen is strong enough to fight back.

The FM also sent a message to the new president, Joe Biden.

It's been reported that Biden's foreign policy team disagrees with the terror designation and that many of Trump's policies will be reversed in quick succession. 

But even if the US ends its support for the Saudi coalition's aggression, peace may be unachievable so long as the Ansarullah-held areas are sanctioned.

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